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Top 10 Pi Malls To Shop In With Your Pi Coins

The Pi Network project is a cryptocurrency project with an outstanding mechanism for making its miners wealthy through the process of mining the pi coin on one’s mobile phone.

One of the very vital utilities it seeks to create is the ability to use the token to pay for goods and services worldwide. The token is currently mineable on one’s mobile phone by simply downloading the Pi Network App on Playstore or Appstore and then mining with the tap of a button.

In the midst of all this, Pioneers which is the terminology for all people downloading and mining the token on their Pi apps will have a lifetime opportunity to use their Pi coins to make purchases of goods and services offered by other pioneers. These pioneers will offer their goods for sale in online and physical stores we call Pi Malls.

So, here are ten (10) Pi Malls (online shopping malls) created by pioneers wherein one can shop during Open Mainnet when the token is valued and now tradable on the global market:

  1. You-Pi
you pi

2. Pi Barter Mall

pi barter mall

3. Pi Chain Mall

Pi chain mall

4. Pi81


5. Pay Pi Mall

pay pi mall

6. The Pi Lifestyle

the pi lifestyle

7. Express Pi

express pi

8. Pi Mall Metro

pi mall metro

9. Pi Trade Center

pi trade center

10. PiToGo

pi to go
pi network bitcoin

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