pifest event

The PiFest Event by Pi Network

“PiFest Unveiled: A Global Celebration of Pi Commerce and Future Prospects”

The need to act is clear: in the event that you come across establishments that have incorporated Pi technology, share the word and maintain your support for these businesses. The previous grassroots initiative is critical to the continued prosperity of Pi commerce as it cultivates a sense of communal duty and accountability.


During PiFest

When to Shop: Pioneers are invited to visit your store between December 6 and 11 to make purchases with Pi and to snap amusing pictures to help advertise and raise awareness.
Secure Exchanges: If you choose to use the Pi Wallet (instructions here), be prepared to transact in Pi using your Pi QR code. When purchasing any goods or services, make sure you receive the actual Pi on the Pi Mainnet and not just a test-pi.
Stay Away From Scams: Before concluding an exchange, be sure that all of your Pi transactions are finished to prevent falling victim to any kind of scam.
Hold Up the Flyers: Make sure your flyers are noticeable and urge every Pioneer you know to take part!

PiFest’s Mission:

PiFest aimed to magnify Pi’s utility, uniting the Pi community and local businesses. It showcased practical applications, encouraging wider adoption while fostering local commerce connections.

Global Event Recap:

PiFest triumphed globally across 155 countries, emphasizing Pi’s universal appeal. Indonesia notably led in survey submissions, spotlighting local businesses’ dedication and Pi integration.

Community Engagement:

Over 21,000 survey responses reflected robust community support. Captured images at participating businesses provided insights into Pi’s integration and the event’s impact on local commerce.

Diverse Business Showcase:

PiFest encompassed 30+ business categories, illustrating Pi’s versatility. Food services and retail emerged prominently, signifying Pi’s potential across varied industries.

Post-PiFest Strategy:

Sustain PiFest momentum by keeping PiFest fliers in businesses. Encourage ongoing support for Pi-integrated establishments, nurturing community spirit and business innovation.

The Future of Pi Commerce:

PiFest’s success, driven by global participation and merchant dedication, laid the groundwork for Pi’s promising commerce future. Continued integration and community support will fuel an innovative commerce landscape.

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