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The Future Pi Foundation

Pi Network DOES NOT perform any crowdfunding sale of Pi and DOES NOT have any allotment for ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Therefore, it is unlawful, unapproved, and phony to execute a sale or listing by impersonating Pi Network or its creators. These shills are not associated with the Pi Core Team. Pioneers should avoid any fraud and refrain from taking part. Pi may be mined for free if you support the environment. Additionally, any mined Pi may only be claimed through the Mainnet dashboard in the Pi App and then deposited into your Pi wallet. Any page requesting that Pioneers use another method to claim Pi is a scam.

The 80% of the community supply is further divided into: 65% allocated for all previous and future Pioneer mining rewards, 10% held for supporting community organization and ecosphere building that will subsequently be managed by a Pi Foundation, a non-profit organization, and 5% held in trust for the liquidity pool to provide liquidity for Pioneers and developers in the Pi ecosystem.

A non-profit foundation will eventually be in charge of managing 10 Billion Pi, which will be set aside for community development and ecosystem growth. Even though they are decentralized, the majority of decentralized networks or cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Stellar, still require some organization to manage the community and determine the ecosystem’s future course.

The Future Pi Foundation will consist of seven (7) major functionalities:

pi foundation


Organize and sponsor community events, such as developer conventions, global online events and local community meetings.


Organize volunteers and committee members, and pay full-time employees who are dedicated to building the community and ecosystem.


Gather opinions and feedback from the community.


Organize future community votings.


Build branding and protect the reputation of the network.


Represent the network to interact with other business entities including governments, traditional banks, and traditional enterprises.


Fulfill any number of responsibilities for the betterness of the Pi community and ecosystem.

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  1. Adriano Munyi Thomas

    I’m very proud to be a Pioneer and Associater of this noble cryptocurrency called picoin.

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