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Tapswap Pool Launch Update

Join the First Stage of TapSwap Token Distribution – Pool Launch

A Special Mission with Unprecedented Rewards

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching a special TapSwap Pool Launch mission next week, offering the biggest reward ever: 3 million Shares and the chance to win a $600 Binance voucher! 🥳 This mission will be time-limited, so stay tuned and don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

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Important Update: Pool Launch Postponed

We have an important update for you: we are postponing the pool launch until July 1st. We detected numerous bots earning an unrealistic amount of Shares. So we are taking measures to stop and ban these bots to ensure fairness in token distribution.

Our top priority is to ensure fair allocation of TAPS and reward those who have earned them honestly. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to maintain the integrity of our community.

Opportunities for Newcomers and Early Adopters

Newcomers, this is your chance to fill your pockets with Shares, while early adopters of TapSwap might see their whale status soar even higher! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and opportunities to grow your wealth with TapSwap.

Infrastructure Improvements and Community Assurance

We are still updating our infrastructure and have made some improvements, though it’s not yet finished. Rest assured, we have kept your balance safe, and all progress has been preserved. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


TapSwap is more than just an app; it’s a thriving community where you turn your taps into tangible financial gains. Join us today and become part of the excitement, profit-sharing, and endless opportunities. Stay tuned for the latest updates and get ready to tap into success with TapSwap!

Join the TapSwap community now and start tapping into your future success!

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