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Introducing Grass – The Future of Bandwidth Monetization


In this digital age, our internet connections often possess untapped potential. Enter Grass Mining, a groundbreaking network that capitalizes on this untapped resource by allowing individuals to sell their surplus internet bandwidth to corporations and institutions. Developed by the innovative team at Wynd Network, Grass has recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully concluding a $3.5 million seed funding round led by Polychain Capital.

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Who’s buying the bandwidth?

But who’s buying this surplus bandwidth on Grass? The demand stems from a diverse array of commercial businesses across various industries. Notably, a burgeoning consumer of internet bandwidth emerges in the form of AI laboratories. This evolving demand positions Grass users to earn up to $30 per month effortlessly while contributing their unused bandwidth to meet industry requirements.

Passive Income:

Moreover, becoming an early adopter of Grass presents a dual opportunity. Participants not only earn passive income but also gain a chance to own a stake in the network itself. Wynd Network is dedicated to rewarding its early adopters by granting them a share in a network poised to become the cornerstone of decentralized AI. Joining Grass signifies more than merely selling idle bandwidth; it marks an investment in a future-defining network.

grass mining app

What Grass will do with your bandwidth

Grass offers a platform to sell your idle internet bandwidth to vetted companies, including Fortune 500 entities and esteemed institutions like colleges and universities. While Grass can be downloaded on multiple devices, earnings accrue solely on the initial device connected to a specific Wi-Fi network.

Referral System:

The platform incentivizes growth through direct referrals. Upon joining Grass, users receive a unique referral link. Sharing this link enables users to earn a continuous 20% bonus of the Grass Points accumulated by referred users, fostering an ongoing earning stream.

To embark on this journey towards passive income, seize the opportunity presented by Grass. Secure your place in this revolution, reshaping the online landscape, and claim your stake in the future.

Grass Key Features:
  • Convert unused bandwidth into passive income.
  • Earn up to $30 monthly.
  • Ownership opportunity in the network.
  • Verified buyers include Fortune 500 companies and esteemed institutions.
  • Direct referral bonus program for continuous earnings growth.

Ready to harness your dormant internet bandwidth and transform it into a revenue stream? Embrace Grass today and be part of a transformative initiative reshaping the digital ecosystem.

Join Grass now using this referral link to embark on your earnings journey!

Grass stands as a potential passive income source, especially for miners contributing to the network’s operations.

Discover the power of Grass – where unused bandwidth becomes a valuable asset in the online marketplace. Read more here.

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