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How To Buy Goods On Pi Chain Mall & Rate Sellers

If you are a pioneer on Pi Network, you can easily buy goods on Pi Chain Mall so long as your region is allowed to trade at the moment.

As at October 6th 2022, over 9900 transactions had been conducted on Pi Chain Mall (PCM) in 14 countries/regions.
This goes to show how the Pi ecosystem is gradually picking up.

Pi Chain Mall first opened trades for these 5 countries:
1. Vietnam
2. Malaysia
3. Philippines
4. Côte d’Ivoire
5. Togo

5 days later, PCM had recorded an outstanding increase in patronage by pioneers on their website.

Date Trading Started: October 08, 2022
21. IRAQ

Many more countries to open up soon…

And more pioneers will have the luxury of trading goods and services at any time such are available.

Without much ado, this is how to make a purchase on the platform and also rate the sellers:

Step One:

Visit your Pi Browser (download from here if you do not have it)

Step Two:

In the browser space, type (Check to see that this link is exactly what is shown here).
Order for any product you want to pay for with Pi and have the seller send it to you.
You will now see “Shipped” on your dashboard.

Step Three:

Go to “Account”

Step Four:

Go to “Shipped”

Step Five:

Confirm that you have received the product.

Step Six:

Now you can confirm receipt immediately

Step Seven:

Now it’s time to rate the seller after you received your product

Step Eight:

Once your goods are in good shape, you can leave a good review for the seller, perhaps a 5-star review.

Step Nine:

You also have the option to share a picture of what has been received. Click “Submit”.

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You’re Done!
Congratulations pioneer, you just bought a product from Pi Chain Mall.

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Thank You!

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