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Grass Mining Project: New Mining Tier Ranking

Grass Mining project is a network of individuals like you and me, selling bandwidth from unique IP addresses.
This network may be used by businesses and AI laboratories to scrape the public web.
Miners’¬†points will be turned into real money once the network becomes operational.
The Grass Mining project will begin as soon as the network has a sufficient number of distinct IP addresses.

After reading, you can sign up and start mining Grass here.

Grass levels:

Introducing a tiered earnings system in which the more points you earn or the number of recommendations you make, the faster your points grow. As you move up the levels, you’ll unlock new tiers with increasingly stringent restrictions, increasing your profits with bonuses.

Bonus mechanism for referrals:

Referrer Bonus: After a new buddy completes 100 hours of uptime, you will receive 2,500 points.
The Referral incentive offers a 5,000 point incentive to each new referral following 100 hours of uptime.

Epoch system:

Moving forward, Grass Mining team will schedule monthly epochs and take screenshots of your points at the conclusion of each one. Although the dashboard will display the amount you have earned this month thus far, your overall number of points will remain same.

grass mining earnings

Today marks the conclusion of our first epoch, epoch 0. Get ready for a new beginning with more chances to win points and participate in friendly competition.

Upgrade the grass dashboard:

Explore the new tabs for referrals and rewards that help you keep track of your accomplishments and progress within the network.

Sybil’s Reminder:

It is against our policy to run several Grass accounts on the same device or network. Such Sybil action will reset your rewards to zero and jeopardize the integrity of our system.

In summary:

We appreciate your early engagement and support as Grass grows and changes. Our community is what makes this accomplishment possible. We’re moving in the direction of an exciting future together.

Mine Grass here.

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