From Broke Kid to Internet Millionaire

In this inspiring blog post, we will delve into the remarkable journey of Jordan, a young entrepreneur who transformed his life from being a broke kid living off food stamps to making over six million dollars from the internet in just five years. This captivating story unfolds the challenges, failures, and ultimate triumphs Jordan faced on his path to success. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of determination, resilience, and valuable insights that will motivate and guide aspiring entrepreneurs.

Humble Beginnings

Single-Parent Household

Growing up in a single-parent household with a mother earning less than twenty thousand dollars a year, Jordan faced financial struggles from an early age. The absence of his father necessitated his mother to raise him and his sister, creating a challenging environment with limited financial resources.

Government Assistance

Despite financial hardships, a glimmer of hope emerged when the government provided an opportunity for Jordan’s family to secure their first home. Excitement filled the air, but unfortunately, this newfound stability was short-lived. Massive financial issues arose, leading to the foreclosure of their home and Jordan’s temporary separation from his mother.

Early Influences

Living with his stepdad for four years introduced Jordan to the world of YouTube, where he discovered a passion for content creation. He spent hours watching videos, idolizing successful YouTubers, and eventually started creating his own content. Little did he know that this early exposure to online platforms would sow the seeds for his future success.

Embarking on the Entrepreneurial Journey

Introduction to Online Income

At 14, Jordan ventured into online income by editing Call of Duty trick shot videos, earning a modest but pivotal $100 a week. Despite the taxing nature of the job, this experience ignited his passion for making money online, pushing him to explore different avenues beyond traditional employment.

Diverse Business Ventures

Throughout high school, Jordan dabbled in various businesses, including a clothing brand named Retrospect Clothing, reselling shoes, and organizing a sneaker convention. Each venture came with its set of challenges, but Jordan’s relentless spirit kept him experimenting and learning valuable lessons.

Initial Taste of Success

Selling shoes became a turning point as Jordan earned his first thousand dollars, realizing the potential of online entrepreneurship. Inspired by his success, he launched a sneaker convention at the age of 16, demonstrating early signs of his entrepreneurial acumen.

Challenges, Failures, and Resilience

Struggles in High School

Despite initial success, challenges persisted. Jordan faced financial setbacks and encountered the harsh realities of entrepreneurship. His sneaker convention, although a momentary triumph, turned bittersweet as financial gains were outweighed by unexpected expenses, leaving him emotionally and financially drained.

Brief Stint in Conventional Employment

Pressured by societal norms, Jordan reluctantly accepted a traditional job, only to have it last a mere week. A humiliating incident at work became a defining moment, prompting him to vow never to succumb to conventional employment. The rejection of societal expectations set the stage for his journey into uncharted territory.

College Dilemma

With no clear path after high school, Jordan opted for college, fueled by societal expectations. Taking out student loans to pursue education, he found himself living off food stamps, facing depression, and questioning his choices. College became a temporary refuge but did not align with his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Rise, Fall, and Redemption in Los Angeles

Initial Success and Missteps

Returning to his roots, Jordan, armed with newfound determination, launched a Drop Shipping business in 2017. Initial success quickly led to complacency, and a move to Los Angeles became a catalyst for a series of missteps. Luxurious living, extravagant expenses, and an exclusive focus on coaching marked a phase of financial decline.

Betrayal and Financial Setbacks

A partnership dispute in another venture, Viral Vault, resulted in betrayal and financial ruin. Jordan faced the harsh reality of having his partner drain the company’s funds, pushing him into credit card debt. The following months were filled with despair and depression, culminating in one of the darkest moments of his life.

Redemption: Return to Roots

Realizing the need for a reset, Jordan made the courageous decision to return home and rebuild his life. The unconditional support of family and friends during this challenging period marked a turning point, emphasizing the significance of human connections and gratitude.

Rebuilding and Scaling to New Heights

Overcoming Personal Challenges

Back at his mother’s house, Jordan confronted personal challenges head-on. Abandoning destructive habits, he focused on self-improvement, laying the groundwork for a successful resurgence. This phase of self-reflection and forgiveness allowed him to clear mental roadblocks and regain his entrepreneurial spirit.

Rebirth of a Drop Shipping Empire

Armed with newfound wisdom and a revived sense of purpose, Jordan returned to Drop Shipping. In a mere 20 days, he scaled his new business to over $10,000 in profit. The rapid success showcased the importance of resilience, adaptability, and the value of learning from past mistakes.

Sharing the Journey on YouTube

Motivated by his own transformation, Jordan started documenting his journey on YouTube. With each video, he shared insights, strategies, and raw experiences. The channel not only became a platform for personal growth but also resonated with a growing audience seeking inspiration and practical advice.

Key Strategies for Online Success

Diversification of Income Streams

Jordan’s journey emphasizes the importance of diversifying income streams. From editing videos and selling shoes to creating a clothing brand and eventually mastering Drop Shipping, he exemplifies the power of exploring multiple avenues. Diversification not only safeguards against potential failures but also opens doors to unexpected opportunities.

Embracing Failure as a Learning Tool

Failures are inevitable on the entrepreneurial journey, and Jordan’s story underscores the significance of embracing them as invaluable learning tools. From the financial setbacks of his sneaker convention to the betrayal in Viral Vault, each failure contributed to his growth. Resilience, combined with a willingness to learn from mistakes, became the cornerstone of his success.

Adaptability in a Dynamic Landscape

The online business landscape is dynamic and ever-changing. Jordan’s ability to adapt to evolving trends and technologies played a pivotal role in his success. His shift from editing videos to Drop Shipping, and later, the resurgence with a refined Drop Shipping model, exemplifies the entrepreneurial trait of adaptability.

Navigating the Social Media Landscape

Leveraging the Power of YouTube

Jordan’s decision to document his journey on YouTube was a strategic move that contributed significantly to his success. YouTube not only served as a platform for sharing experiences but also became a lucrative source of income. The power of personal branding and storytelling on YouTube played a crucial role in establishing Jordan as an influential figure in the online business community.

Building a Community on Social Media

Beyond YouTube, Jordan leveraged other social media platforms to build a community around his brand. Engaging with followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook created a supportive network. This sense of community not only fueled his motivation but also served as a valuable asset when times were tough.

Authenticity and Transparency

In an era where authenticity is highly valued, Jordan’s transparent sharing of both successes and failures on social media became a key driver of his influence. The authenticity of his content resonated with viewers, fostering a genuine connection that transcended the digital realm. This genuine approach contributed to the loyalty of his audience.

The Power of Mentorship and Networking

Seeking Guidance from Mentors

Throughout his journey, Jordan sought guidance from mentors who had walked similar paths. Learning from experienced individuals provided him with insights, shortcuts, and a roadmap for success. The mentor-mentee dynamic became a crucial element in his ability to navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

Strategic Networking in the Industry

Networking within the online business community played a pivotal role in Jordan’s success. Attending events, collaborating with like-minded individuals, and establishing connections in the industry opened doors to new opportunities. The power of networking is evident in Jordan’s ability to form partnerships and collaborations that fueled his entrepreneurial ventures.

Reciprocity and Giving Back

As Jordan achieved success, he embraced the philosophy of reciprocity. Giving back to the community through educational content, mentorship, and support became a core value. This commitment not only solidified his influence but also contributed to the positive impact he had on aspiring entrepreneurs.

Financial Management and Entrepreneurial Mindset

Prudent Financial Management

The highs and lows of Jordan’s financial journey underscore the importance of prudent financial management. From the initial success in Drop Shipping to the pitfalls in Los Angeles, strategic financial decisions became a crucial aspect of his resilience. Learning to manage profits, mitigate losses, and make informed investments allowed him to navigate the unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship.

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Beyond tangible strategies, Jordan’s success is deeply rooted in his entrepreneurial mindset. The ability to view challenges as opportunities, stay persistent in the face of adversity, and continually seek growth distinguishes him from the average entrepreneur. Cultivating such a mindset is not only essential for success but also serves as a driving force during challenging times.

Balancing Ambition and Humility

Jordan’s journey teaches the delicate balance between ambition and humility. While driven by ambitious goals, he remained grounded, learning from failures and acknowledging the support of those around him. This equilibrium is a testament to the importance of staying humble, regardless of success, and recognizing the collaborative nature of entrepreneurship.


Jordan’s story is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. From the depths of financial struggles to the pinnacle of online success, his journey provides valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. The combination of strategic diversification, social media prowess, mentorship, financial acumen, and a resilient mindset serves as a blueprint for those seeking success in the dynamic world of online entrepreneurship.

So, are you ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey and turn your dreams into reality? Remember, success may not come overnight, but with determination, a willingness to learn, and the right mindset, you can overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. Your journey starts now.

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