pi network listing on xt, huobi

Fake Pi Network Listing on XT, Huobi and Other Exchanges

There is fake Pi Network Listing on XT, Huobi and other exchanges.

Just this last week of December 2022, we see listings on XT, Huobi and other two exchanges we will name in this article.

We are sure this is fake because as always, the Pi Core Team comes to the community’s rescue. The Pi Core Team announced the invalidity of these listing shortly after they listed.

This means that some group of people are definitely behind this fake Pi Network listing on these exchanges.

In this article, we will show you how scummy the launch was.

Below is the list of exchanges the scammers launched Pi Network:
1. Huobi
2. XT
3. Biconomy Exchange
4. SuperEX

In order not to defame any exchange’s reputation, we will only say that these exchanges perhaps listed Pi officially out of ignorance of the stage at which the project is. Nevertheless, we expect more diligent research from such reputable companies. They have to do their research well.

fake pi network listings on XT. Huobi, Biconomy exchange and SuperEx
Exchanges that have listed Pi Network unofficially

To our shock, Huobi experienced the highest number of trading volume of Pi even with the fake Pi Network Listing.

Huobi recorded $39.9 million worth of trade of Pi listed on their exchange. This is followed by XT’s $1.7 million.

SuperEx’s trading volume is not really confirmed.

On Coinmarketcap, we see the price of Pi Network recorded and updated in real time. However, this is just fake Pi Network Listing.

Coinmarketcap, is also being led to misinform the general public of Pi’s official launch through the fake Pi Network listing. This is not their fault but also they must do their research.

Here is their data as at 12pm 30th December 2022.

pi network launched on coinmarketcap
Pi Network data on coinmarketcap

Back to the scam issue.

Usually scam charts are such that prices rise so fast and drop dead at once. This simply means the scammers possibly posed as Pi Core Team, looked for some cash, and establish trading liquidity to list their fake Pi Network coin and then when price peaked, withdrawal loads of cash and ran off.

fake pi network listings crashes
Pi network Fake Listing. Price drops dead.

Pi Network is in the enclosed Mainnet phase.

Pi Core Team says:

pi network listings invalidated

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  1. apa yang harus saya lakukan jika nomor telepon yang saya daftarkan di Pi network rusak dan hilang dan saya tidak bisa mendapatkan undangan kyc mohon bantuannya tolong

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