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In a world often bound by societal expectations, Chisom Okwulehie’s architectural journey emerges as a beacon of inspiration. Breaking free from the conventional career choices of engineer, doctor, or lawyer, Chisom chose the uncharted path of architecture. This blog post unravels the layers of her narrative, exploring her early life choices, the birth of Juntero Design, and the financial wisdom that propels her towards not just constructing buildings but building dreams.

Early Life and Career Choices

Chisom’s story begins with a bold choice—to pursue architecture in a family where engineering reigned supreme. Born into a lineage of engineers, doctors, and lawyers, she charted her course against the tide. Her decision was not just about carving a unique career path; it was a conscious choice to make a tangible impact on the lives of everyday individuals. As the lone sibling embracing architecture, Chisom embarked on a journey that would challenge conventions and redefine success in her own terms.

Inspiration Behind Juntero Design

The genesis of Juntero Design finds its roots in Chisom’s realization that traditional architectural firms often cater predominantly to the elite. Fueled by a desire to democratize architecture and serve ordinary homeowners, she founded Juntero Design. This consulting firm, unlike its counterparts, goes beyond creating spaces—it crafts personalized experiences. Chisom’s vision manifested in assembling a team comprising architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and photo editors. Together, they weave a narrative that puts the client at the center, transforming houses into homes.

Financial Insights

Chisom’s financial success is a testament to strategic planning and meticulous financial management. Earning an annual income of $163,000 as an architectural designer, she shares financial responsibilities with her husband. Their approach includes joint investments, shared childcare expenses, and collaborative mortgage payments. The revenue generated by Juntero Design, surpassing $400,000 last year, is not just spent arbitrarily. Chisom emphasizes high-yield savings, ensuring a safety net for future endeavors, and meticulous preparation for impending tax obligations.

Balancing Work and Family

Chisom’s Nigerian-American heritage and the echoes of the Biafra War weave into the fabric of her career and family life. The decision to work from a home office wasn’t just a professional pivot. It was a conscious choice to prioritize family time. This shift enabled her to focus on client management, social media marketing, and personal development without compromising on the precious moments with her loved ones. Balancing the role of a senior architect at Port Authority. And steering Juntero Design reflects her dedication to both career and family.

Next, we’ll delve into the notable projects that have marked Chisom’s architectural footprint and explore the entrepreneurial challenges she faced along the way. Stay tuned for an immersive journey into the world of Juntero Design.

Notable Projects

Chisom Okwulehie’s career is not just a series of blueprints; it’s a gallery of remarkable projects that have shaped the architectural landscape. From contributing to the JFK Terminal 1 project to spearheading the Harrison Project in New Jersey. Chisom’s role as a senior architect at Port Authority is marked by innovation and excellence. However, what truly sets Juntero Design apart is its commitment to creating photorealistic renderings. These aren’t just conceptual images; they are detailed visualizations that mirror reality. Each rendering is a tangible representation of what clients can expect, down to the last detail, making Juntero Design stand out in a world of architectural firms.

Entrepreneurial Challenges

The entrepreneurial journey is often romanticized, but behind every success lies a trail of challenges. Chisom’s story is no exception. It began with humble $20 graphic design gigs where she played a pivotal role in creating ads for platforms like Balancing these side gigs with a demanding 9-to-5 job was no easy feat. The turning point came when she realized the need to build a team, transitioning from a solo endeavor to collaborative entrepreneurship. This shift allowed her to scale Juntero Design while maintaining her work-life balance.

Future Aspirations

Peering into the future, Chisom envisions continued growth for Juntero Design. Her aspirations extend beyond individual projects, aiming to foster partnerships with developers not only in New York and New Jersey but potentially across the United States. Beyond professional goals, Chisom dreams of building a home and engaging in more international travel with her family. These aspirations highlight her holistic approach to success, blending career achievements with personal milestones.

Financial Wisdom and Generational Wealth

Chisom’s financial acumen is a crucial aspect of her success. It’s not just about managing current expenses but planning for a secure future. Her emphasis on living within means, coupled with savvy investment choices like 529 plans and 401Ks, showcases a commitment to long-term financial well-being. Looking even further ahead, Chisom is considering the creation of a trust—a strategic move towards generational wealth. This financial wisdom serves as a guiding light for readers seeking a balance between entrepreneurship and financial stability.


In conclusion, Chisom Okwulehie’s architectural odyssey is more than a professional journey—it’s a testament to resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of dreams. From her early life choices to the establishment of Juntero Design and her financial wisdom, Chisom’s story is an inspiration for those daring to chart their path. As we reflect on her journey, let’s be reminded that success isn’t just about buildings; it’s about crafting dreams, one architectural masterpiece at a time.

Chisom’s story encourages us to embrace our passions, defy expectations, and strive for a life that transcends societal norms. Whether you’re an aspiring architect or an entrepreneur at heart, let her journey be a source of motivation in building your dreams.

Chisom’s Narrative

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